Project Adventure

Project Adventure
Nassau BOCES Brookville Outdoor & Environmental Education Center

Our students will take part in the "Low Elements Challenge Course" of this Nassau BOCES program.  Each participant will be guided through a series of initiatives designed to enhance classroom interactions by:

  • developing effective communication skills
  • fostering cooperation
  • drawing upon critical thinking skills
  • developing trust through fun, imaginative activities in the atmosphere of safety and respect

Project Adventure operates on the philosophy of Challenge By Choice, which states that each individual decides his or her level of participation based on his/her own "comfort zone." 

***Students should dress for the weather by wearing layers of clothing (Hats, gloves, jackets...we're going even if it's cold).  Pants and longer socks are recommended as this trip takes place in Brookville and is surrounded by a wooded area.  (Anklet socks are not preferred as they will not protect your ankles from bugs as we walk on the trails, etc...)

Students must bring their own labeled snack, lunch, and drinks.

Visit Nassau BOCES to learn more about the "Low Challenge Course" and to see photos